Connecting to KryptoPips

The KryptoPips platform provides an Integrated User Widget that is seamlessly integrated into the web interface of partner brokerages. To utilize the Integrated User Widget, it is necessary to have the MetaMask wallet installed on your device and connected to the BSC network. To begin, please login to your account with one of our partner brokerages.
Once you have logged in to the web interface, navigate to the Integrated User Widget page and click on the "Connect Wallet" button to connect to the widget with your MetaMask wallet.
A MetaMask popup window will appear to prompt you to connect your wallet account with the Integrated User Widget. Choose the account you wish to connect with and click "Next". Take note that you would be able to switch accounts later without losing data, so ensure that you setup the connection using the account that you would like to use.
Once you are done with selecting your account, click on “Connect” to confirm the connection. You should now be connected to the Integrated User Widget using the MetaMask account that you have selected.