Loyalty Benefits

Through the process of staking KryptoPips (KTP) tokens with our partner brokerages, users can enjoy a wide array of exclusive privileges and benefits. These benefits are specifically designed to enhance the trading experience and provide additional incentives for users.
Each brokerage may offer different benefits, which often can include
  • reduced trading commissions
  • higher commissions for selling digital products
  • extra rebates on CFDs (Contracts for Difference)
  • increased rebates on specific products, discounts on swaps
  • improved leverage options,
KTP Staking Rewards

Automated APY Rewards

With Automated APY Rewards, KryptoPips leverages the capabilities of smart contracts and blockchain technology to create a seamless and user-friendly experience where users can effortlessly earn passive APY rewards without the need for constant oversight or manual intervention. The smart contract handles the complex calculations and rewards accruals, ensuring complete transparency and trust in the reward distribution process. This innovative approach not only enhances user experience and satisfaction but also allows administrators to focus on other essential aspects of business growth and development.

Tokenized Rewards Points

The Tokenized Rewards Points offered by KryptoPips redefine the traditional rewards landscape by providing users with true ownership and control over their rewards. Operating on public blockchain, users have the freedom to utilize their rewards as they see fit, unrestricted by proprietary systems. With no expiry period or counterparty risk, users can choose to hold onto their rewards or explore opportunities on the open market to trade their tokens for various other tokenized assets. This approach empowers users to make the most of their rewards while benefiting from the increasing value of the KryptoPips ecosystem. As the platform continues to expand, the value of their token rewards will grow in tandem, fostering a sustainable and rewarding experience for all participants.

Multi-Tier Staking System

KryptoPips introduces a powerful Multi-Tier Staking System, empowering brokerages to design enticing rewards programs. By staking more tokens, users unlock higher tiers with increasingly attractive rewards, fostering deeper engagement and loyalty within the ecosystem. This system incentivizes users to become more invested in the platform, leading to a thriving active community. The KryptoPips platform streamlines participation for users while offering administrators seamless monitoring capabilities, ensuring a user-friendly experience for all involved parties.